A 2nd Cup is entirely volunteer run. We are incredibly lucky to have a large number of amazingly talented people helping us who are passionate about fighting human trafficking. We want to thank them for all that they do and give you a chance to get to know them.



We're going to start by shining the spotlight on Jessica Graham who has been volunteering as a barista since we opening in June.

-Have you attended any of our awareness events? How did they impact you?jg

The Justice Market last year and the Just Shop event this year had the most impact for me. A 2nd Cup has unique opportunities to reach and educate large numbers of people at these kinds of events, and what sticks in my mind is how many people are still unaware of human trafficking! But awareness is just the first step, and every person we reach can join the fight against trafficking.

-What inspired you to support and volunteer with A 2nd Cup?

After learning about human trafficking a few years ago, I felt at a loss about what to do next. But then I heard about Erica's goal to open a coffee shop to raise awareness, and was excited about the opportunity to drink coffee and do something good. When I heard they were looking for volunteers, I was even more excited! The issue of human trafficking has stuck with me, and I know that the way it breaks my heart is just a small taste of how God feels to see this injustice. I know he didn't put this in my path for me to turn a blind eye. (To quote Brooke Fraser: "Now that I have seen, I am responsible.) When the chance to use my time and energy for the cause fell into my lap, I couldn't say no.

-Do you feel like you have made an impact through your support of A 2nd Cup?

Absolutely! Using my time to serve great coffee and help educate people surely impacts everyone who walks in the door. And as A 2nd Cup grows, I know the impact will spread throughout the city, both to customers and survivors of human trafficking. Every cup of coffee I buy adds a layer of impact to coffee farmers and the coffee industry, since the coffee is ethically sourced and purchased at prices above fair trade. Plus, friends and relatives ask me all the time about "that coffee place," giving me the chance to spread the word in my own sphere of influence. For all of that, I think A 2nd Cup has impacted ME even more!


To meet Jessica, and our other great volunteers, come and visit us at the "INCUBATOR"

1035 E. 11TH STREET // 77009

(Next to the Vineyard Church)



If you would like to volunteer with us sign up to our e-mail list, and make sure you say that you "Definitely!" want to volunteer.

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